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  • Factory Green Polyethylene Powerflow

    FlowCon air diffusers with large POWERFLOW air jets can be used for a wide variety of applications. They are very efficient at entrapping and mixing air. The long throw of the air jets can effectively propel heated air to cooler floor areas. The mass and velocity of the jets can cause air circulation 10'-40' beyond the diffuser. With a FlowCon POWERFLOW diffuser connected to a makeup air unit, the incoming air can be dispersed evenly over a large manufacturing area. To save energy, unheated air can be directed upward to mix with warm ceiling air in winter and then redirected downward to ventilate work areas in summer. A fan and FlowCon POWERFLOW diffusers can simply be used to blow warm ceiling air downward to mix with cooler floor air. Energy savings can be substantial. In hot work environments, simple air circulation can improve productivity. Large POWERFLOW air jets can be strategically positioned along a diffuser to ventilate individual work stations. PowerFlow fabric air ducts deliver evaporative cooled air downward through large ports. PowerFlow air jets range from 1" to 6" in diameter. Application recommendations include; industrial, warehousing, and manufacturing areas, Gyms, Pools, Retail, Grocery stores, and Temporary structures.

  • Polyester Softflow with Logo

    SOFTFLOW air jets have less mass then POWERFLOW jets, so they diffuse quickly. The area of noticeable air movement typically ranges from 2-10' beyond the diffuser. These smaller jets are also very efficient at entrapping air, and SOFTFLOW diffusers mix air efficiently over broad areas with little noticeable air movement. SoftFlow air jets range from 0.25" to 0.75" in diameter.

    SOFTFLOW designs are used when it is necessary to reduce air jet turbulence or the area of significant air movement. People comfort or sensitive processes are typical considerations. Air delivered through SoftFlow air jets provide a gentle air flow. Typical applications are spaces where emphasis is on optimum air diffusion and mixing, creating comfortable and pleasing environments. The methodology of designing SOFTFLOW air diffusion systems is basically the same as POWERFLOW. Both static pressure and air jet port diameter are particularly critical to meeting air system objectives. Application recommendations include; Office space, telecommunications, Restaurant, Food processing, Auditorium, Pools, Church, and Classroom.

  • Microflow® Fabric Air Diffuser Installation

    MICROFLOW air diffusers are made with permeable fabrics engineered to specific levels of porosity. Millions of tiny air jets are discharged through the diffuser fabric.

    Typically, MICROFLOW diffusers are used to displace rather than mix air. To accomplish air displacement the air jets must diffuse very quickly. Where a POWERFLOW air jet may take 20' or more to diffuse completely, the tiny MICROFLOW air jets diffuse within 6" of the diffuser surface.

    Because the velocity of the tiny air jets slows very quickly, the air generally tends to descend as a mass and displace the air in the lower levels of the room.
    MICROFLOW air diffusers are used primarily for three special applications. Since they displace rather than mix air, they are very efficient at removing contaminated air. Secondly, MICROFLOW diffusers can also serve as a filter in sensitive areas, such as food processing, but then will require frequent laundering. In very close, sensitive quarters, MICROFLOW can deliver cool air without drafts.

    The key factors in MICROFLOW air diffuser design are fabric porosity, static pressure, and diffuser length and diffuser diameter. It is important to use a filter in conjunction with MICROFLOW diffusers to minimize laundering. Application recommendations include; Office space, telecommunications, Food processing, Classroom, Clean rooms, and test labs.

  • Pool Linearflow

    LINEARFLOW Fabric air diffusers deliver air through vents providing a gentle air flow. The exact linear vent size and location will be determined in the design phase to optimize air delivery. LinearFlow air diffusers have an aesthetically pleasing look to a design. Linear vents deliver air through a mesh vent located down the entire length of the diffuser and diffuse the air with the area of noticeable movement ranges from 5'-20' from the diffuser. Linear vents do not perform the same as our Powerflow diffusers. Because of the continuous vent a laminar effect may develop. Keep this in mind when designing a system. Application recommendations include; Office space, Restaurant, Retail, and Grocery stores.

  • SeasonFlow® Design Fabric Air Diffusers

    SeasonFlow™ air diffusers can redirect air from the top of the diffuser to the bottom. The result is a diffuser that can be used for hot/cold weather make-up air applications .Using all of your building’s stratified wasted heat before any additional fuel is burned can be a substantial savings during the heating season. Also the air is better circulated throughout the workplace.

  • Green HVAC Versa Tent

    Don’t let cold or wet weather keep you from early startups. Weather conditions often increase the cost of installation, startup and maintenance work - but a FlowCon popup work tent will keep your techs at work site in all kinds of weather to get the job done. CREATE A WARM WORK SITE.

  • White Poly Duct

    Poly ducts are a low cost, yet highly efficient way of distributing and mixing conditioned air. They are designed to diffuse and provide ventilation evenly over large areas.

    Poly ducts are made of lightweight, extruded polyethylene. They are typically used for "light-duty", temporary installations, such as event tents, greenhouses and livestock buildings. Polyducts are straight, tubular diffusers. Fittings are not available.

    Poly ducts are 4 mil thick with diameters that range from 8" to 37". They are available in standard clear and fr-white (flame retardant). Poly ducts usually have round air jet ports along the entire length, typically ranging from 1" to 3" and can only be punched symmetrically. Polyducts are supported by adhesive hangers which are applied by installer where needed. They can be attached to a cable or support by a S hook or wire tie. Adhesive or plastic clip supports are supplied based on 6' centers

    ADC, Inc. also fabricates complete air diffusion systems for permanent installations. FlowCon air diffusers are made with fabrics such as woven polyethylene, polyester, or vinyl. They are custom designs with a wide range of fittings available.

    Please contact us for better pricing for amounts over 100 feet. Greater discounts for larger orders. Contact us for a quote.